The Royal Irish Rangers

27th (Inniskilling) 83rd & 87th

Introduction Page


Welcome to the website of the Royal Irish Rangers 27th (Inniskilling) 83rd & 87th Regimental Association. I hope you will enjoy your journey around the website. There is a wealth of information for you to get through, I on behalf of the Association wish you a very warm welcome. All the pages have music from the regiment for your enjoyment, the music does not auto start you need to press the forward button on the left of the slider at the top of each page the volume can be adjusted on the right by sliding the volume slider. Enjoy your visit and dont forget to sign the guestbook before you leave whether the comments are Good or Bad. It helps me to improve the website the next time round. This is the second version of the website a third version will be following in a few months.


Music:- "Angel in Blue" by General Lafayette